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Deadliest Jobs in the U.S.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lumberjacks, fishermen and pilots have the highest risk of death while working. Data collected in 2013 showed that for every 100,000 loggers over 80 were killed on the job; for every 100,000 fishermen over 60 were killed on the job; for every 100,000 pilots and flight engineers over 40 were killed on the job.

The rest of the top ten most dangers jobs (in order from greatest to least number of deaths on the job) are:

  1. extraction workers,
  2. roofers,
  3. refuse and recyclable material collectors,
  4. mining machine operators,
  5. driver/sales workers and truck drivers,
  6. farmers/ranchers, and
  7. electrical power-line installers and repairers.

Transportation accidents, falling, being struck by an object or equipment, and homicides are the most likely cause of fatalities. In the homicide category, cab drivers have the greatest risk, primarily because they are not properly trained to handle assaults.

Original post in the 1/28/215 Washington Post by Max Ehrenfreund

Medical Procedures: What do they cost?

Blue Cross Blue Shield has created an online pricing tool to help patients compare prices of about 1,200 non-emergency medical procedures. Patients can now search for the best financial deal for services offered within North Carolina.

 By exposing this previously undisclosed information, patients are now able to go and see services according to the databases average procedure costs. The pricing tool also reveals the most expensive and most affordable option for each procedure.

In order to look up costs and doctors available to preform your procedure, you first access the pricing tool at: http://www.bcbsnc.com/content/providersearch/treatments/index.htm#/ . Then, you enter the treatment or service you would like in the first blank, your current location, and how many miles you are willing to travel for the service. Once you have entered all of this information, you just click search and your results will be immediately displayed. You can organize your results by cost, provider name, or distance.


To see the original article by John Murawski in The News and Observer explaining the pricing tool, click below: