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Public reaction to NC workers' comp bill leads to a better outcome for workers

Injured workers and others pack a room in the legislature during a hearing on the proposed bill.

This article originally appeared in the Jernigan Law Firm Summer 2011 newsletter. Without a major public outcry, the original workers’ compensation bill proposed to the North Carolina legislature would likely have passed. That would have been a disaster for workers in our state. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated. Let’s make sure that next time something like this happens, we are all equally passionate about protecting workers’ rights.

On June 13, 2011 the legislature passed a compromise bill concerning workers’ compensation. The original bill was a disaster for injured workers. Rights to privacy would have been abolished and benefits would have been cut off after 500 weeks (9.7 years) unless you had a brain injury or other catastrophic injury. The bill was an insurance company’s dream.

Legislators received more comments about this piece of legislation than any other bill introduced that session.

Many of you actively engaged in efforts to oppose this bill. People from all over the state came to committee hearings, called and emailed their individual legislators, and contacted the governor. Continue reading