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Why Are Worker’s Comp Claims Down

The number of worker’s compensation claims has dropped dramatically

Today’s post comes from guest author Charlie Domer from The Domer Law Firm.

The Wisconsin Association of Worker’s Compensation Attorneys (WAWCA) just held its tenth annual worker’s compensation seminar in Madison, Wisconsin. (I presented the annual case law update.)  A report on the economic health of Wisconsin worker’s compensation (presented by a colleague on the defense side, Paul Riegel) noted reported worker’s compensation claims have dropped from 55,000 in 2001 to less than 35,000 in 2011.  Based upon the first five months of 2012 reporting, 30,000 reported claims are anticipated to be made in 2012.

Applications for hearing on those claims have also diminished, from 7,000 in 2001 to about 5,500 in 2011.  Again based upon projections, the 2012 number of Applications for Hearing will be about 5,600.

Several potential explanations for this drop were provided including:

  1. The days of asbestosis, silicosis, and similar disease may have ended due to the aging population of those of exposed before the implementation of OSHA in 1970 and the lessening amounts of these substances in the workplace.
  2. Employers argue that workplaces are simply safer, resulting in lesser claims.
  3. The safer workplaces argument is rebutted by employee and Union data that fewer people are willing to make claims in a depressed economy for fear of losing their jobs.  While Wisconsin law assesses a “one year’s wages” penalty against an employer who fires or refuses to rehire an injured worker, in tough economic times, that may not be a risk an injured worker is willing to make.  Anecdotal evidence from a variety of sources indicates viable claims, specifically for “wear and tear” type injuries are simply not being made.
  4. The impact of extending Unemployment Compensation benefits from its initial 26 weeks through multiple extensions may diminish worker’s compensation claims since another “safety net” exists.  Additionally, the availability of Social Security may diminish worker’s compensation claims.  General employment trends also suggest Continue reading

A Video Mission Statement

Last month, Leonard Jernigan sat down with a film crew in Raleigh to make a video for our website. The video is a very short clip (about two minutes) but it gives our firm an opportunity to explain who we are and why we are highly qualified to represent injured workers before the North Carolina Industrial Commission and others in the civil court of justice. We invite you to take a look.

Daytime television seems filled with lawyer commercials and if that helps people get a lawyer, that is okay, because not too long ago attorneys were not allowed to use a public forum to advertise their services, including writing a will or closing a real estate transaction or helping with divorce issues, at reasonable rates. It was a closed shop. The problem created now, however, is finding some way to verify the quality of the attorney. Even though times have changed, we prefer to get most of our clients through the referrals of former clients, family, and friends who know our work and our dedication. We want to keep a small number of cases and we want to do an outstanding job for each client.

We also want potential clients to know more about our firm. Leonard Jernigan is the author of North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law and Practice (4th Edition) and teaches Workers’ Compensation Law at North Carolina Central University School of Law. He is Board Certified in this field by the N.C. State Bar, and he has practiced in North Carolina for over 30 years. Please watch the video and let us know if we can help you.