Pricey Medical Billing Errors Can Cost Thousands: What You Can Do to Prevent it From Happening to You.

How frequently do you think you’ve been overcharged by a medical provider? According to medical bill expert and founder of Medical Recovery Services, Pat Palmer, your chances are pretty high. According to Ms. Palmer, eight out of ten hospital bills contain numerous overcharges. These inaccuracies can add thousands of dollars to your medical costs. However, by carefully reviewing your bills you can check for common errors and follow up with the provider to make sure they are removed from your bill.

Here are a few tips that were mentioned in a recent online article.

1.  Check for duplicate charges. This one is self-explanatory however, easiest to spot on an itemized bill. If a charge doesn’t make sense, call the provider and make them explain it to you in clear terms.

2.  Look out for canceled tests or procedures that were never performed. To spot these errors, keep a list of all tests ordered at the doctor’s office or hospital so you can compare to the bill.

3.  Be on the alert for “upcoding” of a medical charge. This is where the hospital inflates a diagnosis or charge to one that is more serious than the one you were actually seen/treated for. Upcoding is illegal and fraudulent.

 For more information check out the full article “8 Medical Bill Errors You Need to Watch For” and, if you think you may have been overcharged, also check out Medical Recovery Services webpage at They have advocates who can review your medical bills and provide you with advice. Also, check out the story in “Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us” to read about how others have struggled with hefty medical bills and what can be done to prevent it from happening to you.