Lafayette settles lawsuit for $225,000, one of three large settlements this year

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LAFAYETTE — Lafayette city-parish government has paid $225,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a woman who was injured when she broad-sided a police cruiser that was going through a red light while responding to another traffic accident.City-parish government released documents this week detailing the out-of-court settlement in the case, which arose out of a February 2008 accident at the busy intersection of Congress Street and Cajundome Boulevard on a rainy Friday afternoon.Officer Larry Theriot II had his lights and sirens on, but Melissa B. Dugas had alleged in the lawsuit that Theriot, who had the red light, did not pay enough attention to cross-street traffic before passing through the intersection and being struck by Dugas.Dugas, who suffered neck injuries, had said she did not see the police cruiser’s emergency lights or hear the siren and did not notice that other vehicles had already stopped.Theriot had said he came to a complete stop and looked both ways several times when moving through the intersection, but there were questions as to whether he stopped again for traffic while moving through the large intersection, according to statements in the court record.City-Parish Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley declined comment.The case is one of three settlements north of $200,000 paid by city-parish government this year.In March, Lafayette paid $500,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who was paralyzed after being struck in a traffic accident blamed…

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