Ten Commandments For Disagreeing With Others

Ten Commandments For Disagreeing With Others

“Forward Day by Day” is a pamphlet sponsored by the Episcopal Church and the following list, with slight modifications, was taken from the January 30, 2013 edition. These commandments have universal application. We suggest you try them out the next time you find yourself in a disagreeable situation.

(1) Seek to discover the best and strongest points in the other’s position;

(2) Give other people credit for sincerity;

(3) Do not listen to gossip and second-hand information;

(4) Avoid classifying people;

(5) Emphasize agreements;

(6) When others criticize, try to bring out favorable points;

(7) When there is misunderstanding, go directly to the parties involved when possible;

(8)  Try to remember that there is a higher power that is too big for any one mind;

(9) Never ridicule another’s faith;

(10) Pray for those with whom you differ.