Real Deaths in N.C. – Real Families – Not Just Statistics

According to the North Carolina Department of Labor, for the past two years there have been 101 deaths on the job in this state. Instead of just reviewing that cold statistical number, it might be a good idea for all of us to see the names of some of these individuals and how they died. Here is a link to a list, incomplete, but nevertheless a list to put names with numbers: A Few Of North Carolina’s Workers Recently Killed On The Job.

Do you ever wonder what the funeral was like for these folks? Ever wonder how many children were left without a father, or think about the crying and anguish that followed notification of death? As you see names like Sanchez, Ramirez, Reyes, Martinez, Gomez, Benitez, Chavez, and other similar names, do you wonder why so many Hispanics seem to be on the list? When you see that at least 21 of the deaths were caused by falls, do you wonder why so many died from that cause? Do you wonder who is in charge of safety at these job sites? Do you wonder how many of these deaths were preventable? Finally, do you wonder if there is anything you can do (yes, you, not the employer) to stop this carnage? If you have some ideas, let me know.

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