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The Illusion of Workers Compensation Reform & Corporate America

The book, Confessions of a Union Buster, gives us insight into the active national agenda of Corporate American to redesign the nation’s workers’ compensation system through a conspiracy employing the use of smoke and mirrors.

Martin Jay Levitt, who performed despicable acts as an employer-sponsored union buster for over 20 years, has written a book detailing his activities. In an effort to cleanse his soul, Levitt has written candidly, admits that it was a “dirty business,” Continue reading

Employer Fraud is Alive and Well (Part 2)

In the previous post on this topic, I outlined the problem of employer fraud (as opposed to employee fraud) in the workers’ compensation system. In this post, I will examine some real life examples of employer fraud and discuss what is being done to combat this problem.

First, let’s consider a few real-time examples of employer fraud:




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Employer Fraud is Alive and Well (Part 1)

Perception is reality until proven otherwise, and when it comes to fraud in the workers’ compensation system there is the perception that employee fraud is widespread and costs are up because of employee fraud.

In 2005 there was $446,826.00 in employee fraud, but $12 million dollars in fraud by employers.

Could that perception be wrong? For example, are those individuals who believe in employee fraud sailing down the same course as the naval ship identified in the story below? Continue reading